New Findings and Research Challenges in Archaeological Ceramics Within Southeast Asia and Beyond

1Department of Anthropology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

2Independent Scholar

3Institute of Imperial Citadel Studies, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences

4Southeast Asian Ceramics Museum, Bangkok University

This panel discusses recent findings and research challenges in archaeological ceramics within Southeast Asia and beyond, in both prehistoric and historical periods. Ceramics are the most durable, popular, and broadly distributed archaeological artifact within Southeast Asia. However, the complexity of social-historical-technological impacts on ceramic production, and the flow of ceramic objects within any given period and geographic range remains unknown. We invite presentations reporting recent findings and research on ceramic artefacts investigated or excavated from archaeological sites within Southeast Asia, as well as those that have been exchanged across long distances between neighbouring regions. We also encourage presentations on topics outside archaeology including issues in ceramic conservation and restoration, private or public museum collections and curation, and art history.