IPPA Publications

Journal of the Indo-Pacific Archaeology

The online Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology (formerly IPPA Bulletin), ISSN 1835-1794, is edited by David Bulbeck (david.bulbeck@anu.edu.au) and produced by the Department of Anthropology, University of Washington, Seattle, Seattle WA 98295-3100, USA. The current issue is volume 42 for 2018.

The former IPPA Bulletin was published from volume 1, 1979, to volume 33, 2013, and back issues can be downloaded at http://journals.lib.washington.edu/index.php/BIPPA/issue/archive.

The current Journal of Indo-Pacific Prehistory commenced with volume 34 in 2014, and can be downloaded at https://journals.lib.washington.edu/index.php/JIPA/issue/view/1024. Go to “archives” for issues 34-41.

For printed back issues (only from 18 to 29, ISSN 0156-1316), please request from peter.bellwood@anu.edu.au with details and postal address.