Delegates of the IPPA 20th Congress (2014) in Siem Reap, Cambodia (photo ©FCampos)

In Focus


We are now receiving a lot of requests for funding support to attend the IPPA Congress.

The IPPA organising committee is endeavouring to find as much funding as possible in support of participation. But, the funds will be limited. First and foremost, our priority will be to support participation of members from Rate B countries, and especially those from the Indo-Pacific region. Only those that are primary authors and will present, or the lead authors of posters will be eligible for funding. If you are a co-author, then we cannot provide you with funding support. Also, if you are originally from a Rate B country, but studying or working in a Rate A country (that is your affiliation is with an institution from a Rate A country) you will not be eligible. Funding consideration is only for those attending the IPPA conference in Chiang Mai in person.

We cannot guarantee that any one of you will get funding support. So, please can you all try and find your own funding to attend the conference. It helps us a great deal if we can target those that are most in need of our financial assistance.




Prof. Philip J. Piper

Secretary-General, Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association (IPPA)

Head of Archaeology / Convenor for Master of Archaeological & Evolutionary Science Program

School of Archaeology and Anthropology, College of Arts and Social Sciences

Australian National University

Canberra, Australia

tel +61 2 6125 0526

To All IPPA22 Session Organisers

We are now receiving a substantial number of abstracts for your approval. Many participants are wanting to get their papers approved so they can start applications for funding, visas and other paperworks done as soon as possible.

For many panel chairs, we are finding a lot of delays between us sending abstracts for approval and receiving confirmation. We only need a YES or NO from you - if the paper fits your session or not. We want submissions to be accepted on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS because this is not fair to those submit their papers early.

In addition, Iza and Rhayan are already formatting and preparing accepted abstracts for hardcopy and online publications. Please note that as it stands, we are expecting more than 500 papers for our congress. We would highly appreciate your understanding.

We will send the abstracts to you directly for your approval. If you have not received any, it means we have not received any abstracts for your session.

Please inform potential speakers to submit online :


If you haven’t done so, please pre-register your participation in our conference using this form:


Tiled floor uncovered in the old town of San Juan, Batangas, dating to the late 1800s. The excavation was part of the 2009 UP-Archaeological Studies Program Field School directed by Grace Barretto-Tesoro. Source: Barretto-Tesoro, G. 2021. The Ruins of Pinagbayanan: A Photo-Essay on the Archaeology of a Late Nineteenth Century Philippine Town. Quezon City: University of the Philippines Press. (photo ©GBarretto-Tesoro)

Call for Abstracts: 22nd IPPA Conference

The Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association is inviting for paper and poster contributions for its fully live, in-person 22nd Congress to be held in Chiang Mai, Thailand, from the 6th to 12th November 2022...Read More->



It is fine to discuss potential presentations for your sessions, and to solicit papers to contribute. Can you please make sure that ALL contributions are submitted through the online paper submission portal as soon as contributors are ready to do so. This includes your own contributions.


As per the information sent previously, we will receive submissions, ensure all information we need is present and correct, and then forward the abstract to the chairs. This means that we can 1. keep on top of submissions, and 2. prepare abstracts and all relevant information for online publication as we move forward, rather than waiting until August to try and edit and format c. 500+ submissions.

We have a team of three working on the paper/poster abstract submissions:

Fredeliza Campos and Rhayan Melendres will be working with me, contacting both those that submit papers (for relevant information on institutional affiliation, etc.) and session organisers to discuss submissions to sessions and then to aid in line-ups, editing and formatting (when the time comes).

Note that we already have filled up (or about to be filled) sessions. You would see that in the session list (marked as FULL) and you will not be able to submit your paper to that session in the online abstract form. Please regularly visit our website for more information and updates


Prof. Peter Bellwood Awarded International Cosmos Prize

Dear Members,

I am very pleased to announce that Prof. Peter Bellwood has been awarded the 28th International Cosmos Prize for his contributions to developing our understanding of past human societies, and especially his multi-disciplinary research on the 'early farming dispersal hypothesis'.


Additional Resources

Digital resources from Charles Higham: Reports on Ban Non Wat, Nong Nor, Non Ban Jak, Noen U-Loke, Khok Phanom Di and Ban Lum Khao that can be downloaded free of charge with the url below. Downloadable copies of a selection of recent articles Higham have been involved in as an author are also available.

View Page

Job Opportunities at CUHK

Research Assistant Professor(s), Part-Time Lecturer job advertisement at the Department of Anthropology, Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Information about the Maritime Heritage Survey (MAHS)

The Maritime Asia Heritage Survey (MAHS) works to both produce new forms of digital documentation and facilitate the open accessibility and secure long-term preservation of records on critically endangered historical and archaeological sites in coastal regions across Southern Asia.


Call for Submissions


Antiquity Journal is actively seeking to publish research that represents global diversity in archaeology. Research from Australia and New Zealand seem to be under-represented at present, but all research from our region is considered.


Proposals for Island & Coastal Archaeology Book Series

From the University Press of Florida titled "Society and Ecology in Island and Coastal Archaeology"

Series Description: The settlement and occupation of islands, coastlines, and archipelagoes can be traced deep into the human past. From the voyaging and seafaring peoples of Oceania to the Mesolithic fisher-hunter-gatherers of coastal Ireland, to coastal salt production among Maya traders, the range of variation found in these societies over time is boundless. Yet, they share a commonality that links them all together—their dependence upon seas, coasts, and estuaries for life and prosperity. Thus, in all these cultures there is a fundamental link between society and the ecology of islands and coasts. Books in this series explore the nature of humanity’s relationship to these environments from a global perspective.

For more information please visit the weblink:

Society and Ecology in Island and Coastal Archaeology

Next IPPA 2022 Congress

Dear all,

It is my pleasure to announce the next IPPA Congress.

The Executive Committee voted to support the Thailand proposal to host the 2022 IPPA Congress. The Congress will be held at the Le Meridien Hotel, Chiang Mai from the 7th -12th November 2022. The successful Thai application to host the Congress is a joint project between Silpakorn University, Fine Arts Department of Thailand, SEAMEO SPAFA and the Princess Maha-Chakri Sirindhorn Anthropology Centre.

Further information will follow on the website over the coming months as we make progress in the organisation.

As is IPPA policy, the Association will have a new president. We thank co-Presidents Dr. Nguyễn Giang Hải and Dr. Phan Thanh Hải for all their hard work in organising and implementing the very successful 2018 IPPA Congress. Their four year term (2016-2020) is now completed. We welcome our new President: Professor Rasmi Shoocongdej (Silpakorn University). Rasmi will lead the organisation of the 2022 Chiang Mai Congress.

Congratulations, Rasmi!



Message from IPPA President Rasmi Shoocongdej

Dear esteemed colleagues,

As the next President of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association, I would like to extend incredible thanks to everybody for all of your warm wishes and support. I feel honoured, privileged, and humbled at the same time.

I would like to thank all colleagues for your engagement with the organisation and support in the past and I look forward to future collaboration. Let me also take an opportunity to acknowledge the Former Co-Presidents: Dr. Nguyễn Giang Hải and Dr. Phan Thanh Hải and his Vietnamese colleagues for their tremendous works and efforts on the 2018 IPPA Congress in Hue, Vietnam and a secretary: Professor Ian Lilley for his devotion and hard-working over many years.

At this time, I would like to announce the 22nd Indo-Pacific Association Congress as planned at the Le Meridien Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand between 7th-12th November 2022. This will be hosted by Silpakorn University, Fine Arts Department, SEAMEO SPAFA, Sirindhorn Anthropological Centre (SAC), Social Research Institute Chiang Mai University, and Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA) of Thailand. I hope for perhaps more host sponsors which we will add to the list later. Note that the time will overlap with the Loi Krathong Festival. Don’t miss it and please mark your calendar!

I will be working closely with our new secretary: Professor Phil Piper, our executive committee and Thai committee members to ensure that the Congress will be well prepared. Logistically, with the challenges that come as we face a global pandemic, the coronavirus, has heavily impacted on our academic activities, field research, health and daily routines. We hope that we can still organise the 22nd Indo-Pacific Association Congress. I will keep you posted on the progress. We are working on our official website and will further update news regularly. Next year, we will call for a session. Please help us by being and renewing your membership. Also please let us know of your ideas and suggestions for the conference.

Last but not least, in the next four years I look forward to continuing to strengthen our professionalism in archaeological practices in Indo-Pacific region. Especially dear to me is to promote diversity and being a platform for dialog between archeologist and local community for sustainable heritage management.

I will see you all soon at the 22nd Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association Congress if not before that.

Warmest regards,

Sawasdi ka…..

Rasmi Shoocongdej, PhD

President, Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association

Message from the Secretary General

Dear IPPA Community,

Thank you all for making the 21st Congress in Hue such an overwhelming success and a lot fun.

I would like to personally take the opportunity to thank Prof. Ian Lilley for all his hard work for our community, not just for this Congress, but the preceding one at Siem Reap, Cambodia in 2014.

Ian has now retired as the IPPA Secretary General, and I would like to thank the Executive Committee for my election to the position. I hope I can be as successful as previous individuals to take on this role since the inception of the Association at the 4th Pacific Science Congress in 1929!

Some important events need to occur in the coming months. Firstly, we will need to elect eight new members to the Executive Committee to help guide the Association through the next eight years. One of the first jobs of the Executive Committee will be to assess bids for the country and institution(s) that will host the next Congress.

I will send out further information on how we vote in new Executive Committee members before the year has ended. I would like to have the new members in place as early as possible next year.

At the same time if there are any countries/institutions interested in hosting the 22nd Congress please let us know. I will compile an information pack and send it out to interested parties so that they can make an educated assessment of suitability, and to determine whether they can facilitate the Congress. From there, it will be possible for your country/institution to compile a bid for submission to the Executive Committee. I hope to have a decision on the next Congress venue by the end of 2019 at the very latest.

The email address will be the official IPPA Secretariat email you can write to. Visit the IPPA Secretariat website for updates. I would like to acknowledge the efforts of Iza Campos in maintaining this website and for continuing to be part of the IPPA Secretariat.

I will be in touch soon.



Secretary-General, Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association