Promoting Diverse Perspectives in Southeast Asian Archaeology

1Department of Anthropology, University of Nevada

2Department of Archaeology, University of Yangon

Southeast Asia is a region consisting of ethnically diverse populations that have experienced complexities in cultural change throughout their long-term history. The region embraces intersectionality among its populations, which includes other forms of diversity, such as gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religion, disability status, etc. Based on the diversity seen in the region, a variety of perspectives from these groups are also present in the field of archaeology. This panel’s main objective is to open up dialogue and encourage further discussions on the promotion of diverse perspectives in Southeast Asian archaeology. Topics in this panel may include appropriate capacity building practices, issues that may hinder the inclusion of diverse voices in archaeological research, and gender and ethnic diversity discussions. Moreover, this panel aims to serve as a stepping stone for continued dialogues on the topic of diversity in Southeast Asian archaeology to further encompass diversity-related discourses, that it is hoped will extend beyond those covered in the current panel. The panel organizers aspire to identify actionable steps to create a more inclusive and diverse environment for current and future Southeast Asian archaeologists.