Issues in the Historical Archaeology of Burma 11th to 19th Century

SOAS University of London

This panel highlights issues relating to the archaeology of historical sites in Burma. Papers will focus on the material culture, including different types of architecture or structures such as monuments and walls, as well as evidence drawn from murals and sculpture and landscape use and modification. From these perspectives, gaps, and presumptions of previously considered textual evidence or published literature may be addressed through archaeological data. Alternatively, texts, perhaps previously not known or not assessed in English may be examined in the context of the material culture. Case studies can thus address matters of rank and class, gender, race, ethnicity and/or other issues. While relevant sites are in various regions of the country, the historical archaeology may centre on a site or area in its previous local context, be it one that has now disappeared or has been sustained alongside or in opposition to processes of urbanisation with related centralised authority. Data may highlight intra-site or domestic networks of trade and production or consider a site in its local, national, and regional dynamics, concerns, or other archaeological enquiries.