Recent Results in Archaeothanatology Among Indo-Pacific Populations Through Time: Towards the Construction of New Paradigms

Fredérique Valentin1, Valéry Zeitoun2

1Archéologies et Sciences de l'Antiquité (ArScan), CNRS, UMR 7041,

2Centre de Recherche en Paléontologie-Paris, CNRS, UMR 7207,

Archaeothanatology is a scientific approach into death and burial that became widespread in the Indo-Pacific over the last ten years. It allows a homogeneous and comparative reading of funerary practices from the level of the tomb to that of the funerary site. This reading of funerary facts and mortuary sequences allow us to compare practices that are intimately linked to the cultural expression of populations at various scales. It also makes it possible to inscribe the mortuary and bioarchaeological observations in a chrono-cultural sequence from individual localities to the broader region. This progress augurs well for the reconstruction of cultural development, mobility and exchanges between populations, which can be usefully compare-d and combined with linguistic and genetic data, not only available for the region, but also more broadly, on a global scale. It emphasises the cultural specificities of this part of the world. Along with discussions of methodological issues related to anthropologie de terrain, bioarchaeology and demography, this session aims to feature the latest discoveries resulting from the archaeological excavations carried out in the Indo-Pacific.


A Culture Hitherto Unknown in Mainland Southeast Asia?

Valéry Zeitoun, Prasit Auetrakulvit


Beds of Ochre and Painted Walls in Northern Thailand

Valéry Zeitoun, Prasit Auetrakulvit, Chinnawut Winayalai, Antoine Zazzo, Hubert Forestier


History of the Polynesian Outlier of West Futuna (Vanuatu): Contribution of an Interdisciplinary Approach Joining Archaeological and Bio-Anthropological Data

Wanda Zinger, Michal Feldman, Lara Rubio Arauna, Frédérique Valentin, Stuart Bedford, James Flexner, Takaronga Kuautonga, Edson Willie, Cosimo Posth


Death in Paradise: Exploring Mortuary Practices in Alor Island (Indonesia) During the Late Pleistocene-Middle Holocene

Sofia Cristina Samper Carro, Sue O’Connor, Mahirta, Shimona Kealy, Ceri Shipton


Spatial Patterning of Colonial Burials at Heping Dao (Taiwan) Viewed Through Archaeology, Archaeothanatology, and Archaeogenetics

Fredérique Valentin, Selina Carlhoff, Kathrin Nagele, Maria Cruz Berrocal, Elena Serrano Herrero, Hsieh Ellen, Tsang Cheng-hwa


A Synthesis of Bioarchaeological Research at Chelechol ra Orrak, Palau

Jessica Stone, Greg Nelson, John Krigbaum, Scott Fitzpatrick


The Age and Sex Structure of Burial Sites in Continental Southeast Asia: A Funerary Perspective

Baptiste Pradier, Frédérique Valentin, T.O. Pryce, Daw Kay Thwe Oo, U Saw Naing Oo, Daw Tin Tin Win


Mode and Tempo of Life Courses of South Pacific Islanders

Estelle Herrscher, Frédérique Valentin, Baptiste Pradier, Vincent Balter, André Guy, Wanda Zinger, Bedford Stuart, Flexner James, Takaronga Kuautonga, Willie Edson