Innovate Methods and Goals for Asian Museums to Stay Relevant Post Pandemic

Ansal University, India

Museums are a place of learning and pleasure. Understanding museums as just repositories of ancient material culture needs to change in the post pandemic era. Museums need to engage with and involve community and act as a place of social interactions. ‘New Age Museums’ should assist communities in understanding the past and assist in developing their ideas and beliefs and shaping their identifies. Museums need to think of ways in which they could be fully inclusive and be run and managed by local communities to help build a sense of ownership with the museum. In this way contemporary museums could be cultural repositories that lead to cross cultural dialogue within the communities. To be sustainable museums should also collaborate with other organisations, and have a wide range of activities which should aim at generating revenue. Post pandemic museums need to have a social media presence and should aim at digitization of the collections. They should support and offer avenues for research and publication that highlight the significance of these institutions. Community connection with museums is essential to provide any kind of psychological benefits in times of any disaster. Learning from the pandemic museums should have a multi-disciplinary approach that considers modernising accessibility to collections and plans outreach activities accordingly. It should be a reflection of the changes of values and ethos of the community.