Impacts of COVID-19 on Bangladeshi Museums: Positioning Present Practices and Their Pervasiveness Between Pre- and Post-Pandemic Panorama

Ahsan Manzil Museum, Bangladesh

The pandemic COVID-19 has its impacts on every sector of society in Bangladesh. Museums have been severely affected and this has impacted the normal course of museum management and tourism in Bangladesh. This paper discusses the effects museums have faced, are now facing and will face into the future. It addresses how standard practices of museum management such as opening the museum, going inside the galleries and stores to conserve and manage collections, as well as dealing with the physical presence of visitors, uses of popular digital media etc. have been affected. Furthermore, it questions the sustainability of protocols currently in place and the effectiveness of current museum coping strategies in the post pandemic panorama. To address these issues, this research project drew on secondary sources of data, information on practical experiences, and interviews of museum professionals and visitors. It concentrates on the communicative approach of museums, something which is generally left out of major discussions, and proposes a practical approach to museum practices in future.