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The archives feature excavations conducted by Chalres Higham with Amphan Kijngam and Rachanie Thosarat.

• Khok Phanom Di (1985): My daily fields notes and site photographs

• Non Nor (1991-3): My daily fields notes and site photographs

• Ban Lum Khao (1996-7): Site plans, burial drawings and burial


• Non Muang Kao (1997-8): Sections and layer plans, daily log book

and burial drawings

• Noen U-Loke (1998-9): Sections and layer plans, daily log book

and burial drawings

• Ban Non Wat (2000-2007): Layer plans, burial drawings, burial

photos, daily log book, field photo log

• Non Ban Jak (2010-2017). Layer plans, burial drawings and burial


• Map showing site locations

• List of site reports

There is no restriction on downloading and using any of this material or teaching or research purposes, although Charles Higham owns the copyright.

Acknowledging Charles Higham and Rachanie Thosarat and the Fine Arts Department of Thailand would be appreciated should any of this archive be reproduced in print or digitally.


Ban Na Di Excavation, 1981-1982

This is a professionally made documentary on the excavation of Ban Na Di. This Bronze and Iron Age site was the first to show that the claims for early dates at nearby Ban Chiang for the initial takeup of bronze and iron had to be set aside.

Noen U-Loke and Non Muang Kao 1998-1999

This is an amateur video recording the 1998-9 season of excavations at two huge moated Iron Age sites in Northeast Thailand directed by Charles Higham, Rachanie Thosarat and Dougald O'Reilly

Ban Chiang Excavation 1975

This was taken during the excavation of Ban Chiang, Northeast Thailand, in 1975. It is somewhat historic now, showing as it does Chet Gorman at work and a visit from Bill Solheim . The commentary by Higham was added later.

Nong Nor Excavation

Nong Nor is a coastal hunter gatherer occupation site, (ca. 2300 BC), into which a Bronze Age cemetery was placed

Ban Non Wat Excavation

This was shot by a professional company in the third of the seven seasons at Ban Non Wat, and concentrates on the story of the Bronze Age elite graves.

Ban Non Wat 2003

This movie covers the second season at Ban Non Wat, and among others, featuresThe late Bronze Age cemetery, the first early Bronze Age “superburials’ 90, 105 and 106, and some early Neolithic graves.

Ban Non Wat 2004

This is a professionally made movie concentrating on the Bronze Age elite burials.


On the right as you enter the village of Doyo Lama, 6km west of Sentani, you’ll see the entrance to Situs Megalitik Tutari. This mysterious hillside site comprises various arrangements of rocks and stones, and dozens of rock paintings of fish, turtles, crocodiles and lizards. They are of uncertain age but still considered sacred by the villagers. The paintings are in six different fenced areas, all reached by a 1km concrete path. The lake views are also worthwhile.

Motif Megalitik Tutari harus dilestarikan, salah satu caranya yaitu dengan menghidupkannya kembali pada seni masa kini termasuk pada seni kontemporer dan dapat dijadikan sebagai inspirasi ekonomi kreatif. Ini adalah bagian dari kontribusi penelitian arkeologi pada ruang lingkup SDGs atau Sustainable Development Goals disebut juga Tujuan Pembangunan Berkelanjutan.



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