2019 Conference on Pan-Pacific Anthropocene (ConPPA)

Dear IPPA Community,

Please see announcement below re the 2019 Conference on the Pan-Pacific Anthropocene sponsored by National Taiwan University.



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From: Felicia Beardsley <fbeardsley@laverne.edu>

Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2019 at 07:45

Subject: Deadline for abstract submission for 2019 Conference on the Pan-Pacific Anthropocene

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Dear Phil,

Can you please disseminate this to the IPPA membership? The deadline for abstract submission to the 2019 Conference on the Pan-Pacific Anthropocene has been extended to 15 February 2019. The conference is sponsored by National Taiwan University, and has no registration fee. It is the first of several anticipated annual conferences, each of which is aimed at exploring the nature of the Anthropocene as a way to achieve a consensus on its definition. The conference is examining the Anthropocene from both natural and cultural perspectives through the research of the full suite of sciences.

More information can be obtained here, as well as abstract submission information: http://www.gl.ntu.edu.tw/rcfe/appa.html

Thank you,

Felicia R. Beardsley, Ph.D.

Professor of Anthropology

Cultural & Natural History Collections Director