Interests in Hosting the 2022 IPPA Congress

Dear IPPA Community,

Happy New Year to you all.

First – please note the new email address. Please use this email address for all future replies to the IPPA secretariat.

We now have a dedicated website at

All new information and community posts will be placed on this website.

Proposal for the next IPPA Congress Venue in 2022

If there are any institutions and/or organisations that are potentially interested in hosting the 2022 IPPA Congress could they please get in contact with me.

Please let me know by the 1st February 2019.

In the initial enquiry please provide the name of the primary applicant(s)/proposers, the hosting institution(s) and country.

In the coming-weeks I will put together an information pack that will aid potential hosts in deciding whether they have the infrastructure and financial support to host a congress of anywhere between 600 – 1000 participants.

In the final proposal, it will be expected that any potential host organisation will be able to provide detailed information on how the congress will be funded, supported and managed. This information will be used to decide on which country/institution(s) will be most suitable to host the Congress.

Final proposals will be expected by the end of May 2019.

New Executive Committee

The newly elected Executive Committee will be responsible, along with the Secretary General, in deciding who will host the Congress. We hope to have the decision on the host country/organisation by the end of 2019, at the very latest.

All information will be placed in the announcements on the IPPA website.



IPPA Secretary-General