Preparing Your Paper for Publication - What Editors Expect

1:00 pm


Editors introduce the editorial works and processes.

1:40 pm

Break-out groups

Editors from each Journal discuss how paper should be developed using some abstracts of draft papers that participants submitted before the workshop

2:20 pm


2:35 pm

What is peer review and why?

3:20 pm

What do Reviewers Look Out For?

Reviewers give the reviewer's point of view, and how author should response to the reviewer's comments, etc.

3:40 pm

Q & A

Wrap Up


Editors: Pratu editorial team (Heidi Tan, Duyen Nguyen, Panggah Ardiyansyah, and Udomluck Hoontrakul), SPAFA (Noel Tan), Journal of Siam Society-JSS (Chris Baker), JIPA (David Bulbeck)

Reviewers: Heidi Tan and Stephen Murphy (SOAS University of London)


4:00 pm