Interdisciplinarity as a Strategy for Holistic and Sustainable Archaeological Heritage Management – ICAHM Session

ICOMOS International Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management

University of San Carlos

Archaeological sites in the World Heritage list or those under consideration are often skewed toward extraordinary or unique aspects, but likely also have ancillary components or are part of broader archaeological landscapes that go beyond the OUV for the primary resources. Reading and recording the whole resource is critical to preserving context and integrity of deposits. This session is devoted to the results of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research strategies applied at World Heritage sites and other significant places throughout the IPPA region. This holistic approach to research also applies to needed strategies for management of archaeological heritage, as natural and cultural datasets complement each other in very complex but mutually supportive ways. We argue for project planning that assesses the potential for a broad set of data sources from microfossils to soil microstratigraphy to a full array of biological as well as cultural data collection, and also for a dedicated chronostratigraphic research program. These studies contribute to community management as well by including a broad set of resource specialists who can share with local participants a range of research skills as well as listening for community histories and Traditional Ecological Knowledge.