Prehistoric Riverscapes in Asia: Catchment, Landscape, 'Flow'

1School of Archaeology, University College Dublin

2Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Culture, University of East Anglia

This panel focuses on studies investigating rivers as archaeological macro-landscapes through which people, animals, artefacts moved and settled. These systems are often discussed in Asian prehistory in a context of trade and exchange, or settlement archaeology. We are interested in exploring rivers as entanglements of culture and nature/wild (after Edgeworth 2011) that are compelling not only for their inherent interest to prehistoric peoples, but also for their variety of resources for archaeological study in different parts of valley systems. We invite papers reporting research that explores the archaeology of river systems at a macro-level, asking how the prehistoric archaeology of springs, headwaters, meanders and estuaries can be related to create understandings of riverscapes in Asian prehistory.