Interactive Networks in the Ancient Indo-Pacific Region From a Ceramics Perspective

1University of the Philippines

2Peking University

Ceramics can provide core material evidence for interpreting communication between people across various Indo-Pacific regions. In recent years, scientific advances and archaeological discoveries have encouraged the development of more refined understandings of the dating and the origin of imported/exported ceramics. This has made it possible for scholars to develop greater interpretive frameworks around source and production techniques (including pottery thin section and microanalysis) of local and exotic ceramics unearthed at various archaeological coastal sites. New knowledge of ceramic production materials and processes also provide further understanding of the complexity of ceramic raw materials use, technologies, and goods exchange networks. The purpose of this session is to review new developments in ceramic archaeology. We encourage the submission of papers related to ceramic production and technology, methods of provenance, and trade and exchange (in raw materials like cobalt ore and finished products) that enhance our understanding of the communication between ancient people in the Indo-Pacific region.