The Central Highlands of Vietnam: A Trade Center in the Prehistory in Southeast Asia

Dak Lak Museum, Vietnam

The Central Highlands of Vietnam is a region where goods from across Southeast Asia were exchanged during prehistory. These trade networks are evidenced at archaeological sites such as An Khe (Gia Lai), Lung Leng (Kon Tum); Krong No (Dak Nong); Cat Tien (Lam Dong); Krong Nang (Dak Lak), and especially at Thac Hai in Ea Sup district (Dak Lak) where thousands of glass beads have been recovered. Another key centre for trade appears to have been the site of Ban Don. In this presentation, the significance of Ban Don and other settlement sites in the region as centres of exchange in the Central Highlands during prehistory are explored through a comparative, specialized and interdisciplinary approach to archeology and ethnology.