Mortuary Practices in Prehistoric Mainland Southeast Asia

Department of Archaeology, Silpakorn University

Funeral/mortuary tradition is one of the most notable symbolic and ritualistic behaviours practiced by ancient humans across the world. Evidence of such culture and ideology embedded in burial practices have been discovered broadly across Mainland Southeast Asia (MSEA). However, though there may be similarities in the way the dead were treated between cultures and communities across the region, it is clear that practices varied considerably in many aspects through time and geographically. This panel invites scholars to present their research and findings on MSEA burial practices within the chronological period from the Palaeolithic to the Iron Age. Papers on any aspects of mortuary customs, or funerary practices are welcome. It is hoped that papers presented at this panel will be gathered, edited and submitted for publication in book form after the conference.




An Overview of Mortuary Practices on Infants and Children in Prehistoric Thailand

Naruphol Wangthongchaicharoen


An Introduction to the Coffin Caves of Laos

Daniel R. Davenport et al.

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